Body Contouring


Body contouring can give you that toned, chiseled body that you have been aiming for. However, before you rush head long to get it done, there are a few facts that you need to familiarize yourself with. Here is a complete guidebook on all that you need to know about body contouring.

What is Body Contouring?

No matter how hard we try, there are always problematic areas in our body, including flabby arms, paunches around the stomach, and saggy thighs; the list is almost endless. When you lose a substantial amount of weight radically, your skin tissues lose their elasticity, making it difficult to conform to the reduced weight. Body contouring is a skin tightening procedure that tones the underlying tissues that support the body fat.

Right Candidate for the Procedure

Before deciding to go for the surgery, make it a point to stabilize your body weight first. If you continue to lose weight after the surgery, the saggy pockets will redevelop. The following candidates are a perfect fit for the procedure.

· Any adult with no past medical complications and stabilized body weight.

· A non-smoker

· People who have realistic expectations from the surgery and committed to work towards a healthy lifestyle.

It is important that you know the cons involved with the procedure, so you can weigh it and decide whether body contouring is the right procedure for you.

Recovery Period

It is of extreme importance to precisely follow the instruction given by the doctor. The recovery period can vary anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. Immediately after the surgery, the surgeon will cover the incisions with bandages. A small pipe is applied to the skin, to remove excess blood or water that gets collected. During the recovery period, if you experience, intense chest pains, shortness of breath or unusually fast heartbeat, consult with the doctor immediately.


The prices of any cosmetic surgeries depend on the clinic, surgeon’s experience and the type of procedure. Be sure to select a surgeon with whom you share a good comfort level. A Little bit of research will help you find a reliable surgeon.

For any query or doubts, don’t hesitate to ask the surgeon.

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